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teatro la fenice with audioguide - skip the line-1
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teatro la fenice with audioguide - skip the line-1
teatro la fenice with audioguide - skip the line-2
teatro la fenice with audioguide - skip the line-1
teatro la fenice with audioguide - skip the line-2

Teatro La Fenice with Audioguide - Skip The Line

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  • Get Skip-the-Line access to a Venetian gem as you walk through Teatro La Fenice.
  • Indulge yourself in this self-guided tour of a must-visit cultural beauty at this Baroque Opera house in Venice.
  • Equipped with an audio guide, learn interesting facts about this landmark and understand how this opera house withstood the test of time and has been preserved.
  • With skip-the-line access to its Foyer, Hall Theater, Royal Box, and Apollonian Halls, there's plenty to see.
  • Sneak a peek into the impressive years of glory that involved many Venetian opera singers
  • There may be slight variations in this schedule for artistic or technical reasons.
  • These tickets can't be cancelled or rescheduled.
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Visit Teatro La Fenice in Venice| Book Teatro La Fenice Tickets

The Teatro La Fenice, Venice’s popular opera house, owes its name to its history of restoration, after being burned down twice. Aptly meaning, ‘The Pheonix,’ this opera hosts brings Italian opera to life in its gorgeously recreated 19th-century chambers. Revel in the grandeur and spirit of Venice in its architecture and discover the secrets of the theater on-stage and behind the curtains. 

To enjoy classical famous operas, and explore the Opera House, read on to know more about Teatro La Fenice tickets to this enthralling experience, highlights and more.

Why Visit Teatro La Fenice?

Teatro La Fenice - Why Visit Teatro La Fenice?
  • Teatro La Fenice, translating to ‘The Pheonix’ is popular for its deliberate styling and recreation of 19th-century architecture with multiple Baroque elements.
  • Built thrice considering 2 arson attacks since its opening initially in 1792, the Teatro La Fenice holds merit on its own as a place of cultural history.
  • The Royal Box, Ballroom, stage, and foyers were host to many historically known individuals including Napolean. The theatre marks the opulence and cultural grandeur of the elite.
  • The Teatro La Fenice played its debut in many famous operas, hosting them to this day. Visitors can enjoy many shows inspired by, and built within the theatre’s chambers.

Your Teatro La Fenice Tickets Explained

Teatro La Fenice - Teatro La Fenice Audioguide Skip-The-Line Tickets

What is the Best Way To Book Teatro La Fenice Tickets? Book Online

With a large number of visitors flocking to Teatro La Fenice every day, it can get difficult to get your hands on tickets to this attraction. It is advised that you plan your visit to avoid the hassle of waiting in long tiresome lines and getting disappointed if you don't get the tickets. Book your tickets before you go to experience the Venetian opera like never before.

  • Convenience: Experience the Baroque House opera theatre in all its glory and avoid getting stuck in lengthy ticket procedures, as the fast-track tickets let you jazz past the lines.
  • Advance Reservations: With instant online bookings, you can secure your trip in advance by booking your tour slot in advance, and go on the trip relaxed.
  • Great Discounts: Learn interesting facts about Teatro La Fenice aka "The Phoenix" at equally interesting prices, as online booking gives you great discounts!

Teatro La Fenice Highlights

Teatro La Fenice - Architectural and Cultural History

Architectural and Cultural History

Enjoy the guided experience across the chambers of the Opera House, as you get immersed in the stories of arson, cultural debuts, and the historical tales of Opera Music in the 19th century. Marvel in the architectural opulence of the theatre.

Teatro La Fenice - Opera Shows

Opera Shows

The Teatro La Fenice has been the cultural site marking the debut of many famous Italian operas including Verdi's Rigoletto and La Traviata, and so many more. Get immersed in the history of the theatre intertwined with the performances echoed inside.

Teatro La Fenice - Accessibility


The Teatro La Fenice is special needs and disability compliant and friendly. Those with special needs and their attendants can enter the theatre via the elevator having informed the authorities in advance. The theatre also has reserved seating for those with disabilities. 

Plan Your Visit To Teatro La Fenice

Getting There
Visitor Tips
Teatro La Fenice - Timings
  • Timings: Daily -  9.30 A.M. to 6 P.M.
  • Last Entry: 5 P.M., an hour before closing.
  • Best Time To Visit: Early morning, right after opening, or after 3, in the late hours to beat the crowds.
Teatro La Fenice - Getting There
  • Address: Campo San Fantin, 1965, 30124 Venice, Italy.

Find it here.

  • By Public Boat: Vaporetto - Line 2
    Nearest stop: From Tronchetto
  • By Train: Line 1/Line 2
    Nearest Stop: Santa Lucia Train Station
  • By Bus: Bus numbers 4L, 5, 6E, 6L, 7, 8E
    Nearest Stop: Venezia, Venezia - Corsia B5, Venezia B3
  • By Car: Distance From Venice Marco Polo Airport: 8.5 miles.
    Car Parking: Since it’s a care-free zone, visitors can park at designated areas for a fee, including the Piazzale Roma parking garage, Tronchetto parking, etc.
Teatro La Fenice - Rules
  • Visitors are recommended to follow the dress code. Those wearing shorts or sleeveless clothing will not be permitted on the premises, and their ticket will be deemed invalid.
  • Photography and videography are not permitted in the auditorium.
  • The use of mobile phones and smart watches is not permitted in the auditorium.
  • Children under the age of 4 are not permitted on the premises.
  • Smoking on the premises is forbidden and punishable by law.
  • Opera tickets are non-refundable so plan your schedules accordingly.
Teatro La Fenice - Nearby
  • Doge's Palace: Explore the imposing royalty of the Doge family at the Palace, nearly 10 minutes away from the Teatro La Fenice. Walk through the chambers of the council members of Venetian history. Marvel in the art and architecture of the times, while listening to the tales of the men of Venice.
  • Saint Mark's Basilica: Venice's crown jewel of Byzantine art and mosaics, the Basilica, a 10-minute walk away, marks the rich history of the Roman Catholic vicariate in its statues and paintings.
  • Peggy Guggenheim Collection Museum: A nearly 15-minute walk away, the Museum built in popular art collector Guggenheim’s home, houses 20th-century European and American art. Explore multiple masterpieces from modern artists of the century including Picasso, Dali, Pollock, etc, temporary exhibits, and a sculptural garden.
  • Ca' Rezzonico: Explore 18th-century Venetian culture through its various paintings, artifacts, and collections. Admire the collections and works of contemporary local artists, along with cultural objects of the time.
Teatro La Fenice - Visitor Tips
  • Please note that children below the age of 4 are not permitted within the premises. 
  • Visitors are recommended to check out the opera schedules to attend a performance as part of the guided experience.
  • Visitors should note that the theatre has a dress code policy - Formal dress is recommended for show premieres, while smart casual clothing is recommended for any other occasions.
  • Do make use of the free cloakroom service, as it is forbidden to rest coats/jackets on parapet railings or seats.
  • It is best to visit the Theatre in the early evening to experience lesser crowds and enjoy the tour better.

All Your Questions About Teatro La Fenice Tickets Answered

Q. Where can I buy Teatro La Fenice tickets?

A. You can buy Teatro La Fenice tickets online.

Q. Can I buy Teatro La Fenice tickets online?

A. Yes, you can buy Teatro La Fenice tickets online. This way you can avail great discounts and offers.

Q. What is the cost of Teatro La Fenice tickets?

A. The Teatro La Fenice tickets cost upwards of €7.

Q. Can I get a discount on Teatro La Fenice tickets?

A. You can get discounted tickets for Teatro La Fenice online.

Q. What is Teatro La Fenice?

A. Venice’s opera theatre, the Teatro La Fenice is a landmark of rich cultural history and the debut of many famous Italian operas. 

Q. How can I get access to Teatro La Fenice?

A. You can gain access to Teatro La Fenice by walking through the main entrance reserved for paying guests, as well as elevators for those with special needs.

Q. Where is Teatro La Fenice located?

A. The Teatro La Fenice is located in Campo San Fantin, Venice, Italy.

Q. What are some of the highlights of Teatro La Fenice?

A. Explore the 19th-century inspired Baroque architecture of this twice-burned landmark, learn of the origins of popular Italian opera, and experience performances in the grand theatre. Learn the history of those who participated in the Venetian cultural space. 

Q. How to reach Teatro La Fenice?

A.  You can reach the Teatro La Fenice by car, cycling, or walking.

Q. What are the timings of Teatro La Fenice?

A. The Teatro La Fenice is open daily from 9.30 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Q. What facilities are available in Teatro La Fenice?

A. The Teatro La Fenice has reserved spaces for those with disabilities, a cafeteria, Opera House Shop, elevator service, and free cloakroom service.

Q. Is Teatro La Fenice wheelchair accessible?

A. The Teatro La Fenice is wheelchair accessible and friendly, with lifts and specially reserved seating.

Q. Is photography allowed in Teatro La Fenice?

A. If there are no rehearsals, or shows going on during the tour, you can click photographs.

Q. Is it worth visiting Teatro La Fenice?

A. Learn of the rich cultural history of Teatro La Fenice, as enjoy popular Italian Opera performances on-stage, as you explore all the rooms of the theatre, stepping where historical and cultural figures stepped.