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How to get to St. Mark’s Bell Tower

Where is St. Mark’s Bell Tower located?

Address: San Marco, 328 30124 Venice

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St. Mark's Bell Tower is located right in the middle of St. Mark's Square in Venice. It's part of St. Mark's Basilica, and originally served as a guiding light for ships.

Closest landmark: St. Mark's Basilica, 1 min walk

Getting to St. Mark’s Bell Tower by public transport

By ferry
By train

Best for: Sightseeing 
Travel time: 34 minutes
Closest stop: S. Marco-San Zaccaria "F"

  • From Rialto Bridge, head towards Rialto "B" jetty via Riva del Ferro and Riva del Carbon—it's just a 3-minute walk. Catch an ACTV S.p.a ferry on Line 1 and get off at S. Marco-San Zaccaria "F" stop. From there, walk straight, then turn left onto Riva Degli Schiavoni. St. Mark's Basilica is only 380 meters away. 
  • If you're coming from Piazzale Roma, hop on water bus Line 1 or direct lines 51 & 2 to get to St. Mark's square bell tower.

Best for: Convenient travel
Travel time: 10 minutes from Mestre
Closest station: Santa Lucia

Hop on a train from Mestre to Santa Lucia, which is the nearest station to the bell tower. Almost 173 trains per day travel to the destination, and you can opt for Trenitalia or Italo trains. Upon arrival, catch a water-bus line to navigate further into the city and get to the bell tower in Italy.

Getting to St. Mark’s Bell Tower by car

Driving route
Parking facilities

  • You have easy access to Venice from nearby cities such as Verona or Padua. Simply take the SR11 road to reach Piazzale Roma. Once there, park your vehicle in the assigned parking area and continue your journey by water bus to St. Mark's Basilica. 
  • Alternatively, you can also park your car on the mainland in Mestre or Marghera and proceed to Venice by bus or train, crossing via the Libertà bridge.
st marks square Parking facilities

Here are the closest parking lots to the campanile:

  • Autorimessa Comunale: Open 24 hours, this parking lot is just 1.5 km away from San Marco tower.
  • Garage San Marco: This car park is also open 24 hours and is 1.6 km away.
  • Parcheggio S. Andrea AVM S.p.A.: This car park is 1.8 km away. The parking rates are cheap and if you’re arriving with a big vehicle, this is the one for you.

How to buy tickets to St. Mark's Bell Tower?

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Frequently asked questions about getting to St. Mark’s Bell Tower

If I'm traveling by car, are there any nearby attractions or landmarks to visit on the way to the bell tower?

Of course! If you’re driving from other cities, consider exploring the enchanting islands of Murano and Burano, known for glassmaking and colorful houses respectively. Don't miss Torcello with its ancient cathedral, and perhaps a detour to Lido di Venezia for its beaches. Finally, in Venice itself, be sure to visit St. Mark's Basilica and the bustling St. Mark's Square, both mere steps away from the iconic bell tower. These attractions offer a delightful addition to your journey through Venice.

Which is the fastest way to get to the bell tower?

The fastest way to reach St. Mark's Bell Tower is by water-taxi, which can swiftly navigate through Venice's waterways and reach any corner of the city.

What is the closest airport to the bell tower?

The airport nearest to Venice and its iconic bell tower is Marco Polo Airport, situated in Tessera on the mainland. To get to Venice, approximately 12 kilometers away, you can choose to take a ferry.

How do I get to the bell tower from the airport?

You can opt for buses, ferries or cabs. For buses, two options to Piazzale Roma are available: the faster ATVO (about 25 minutes) often coinciding with flight arrivals, and the ACTV line 5 (35-40 minutes). 

What if my flight is delayed or lands really late? Can I still find transportation to the St. Mark’s Square and the bell tower?

You can still make your way to the bell tower, but do note that it’ll be closed during late hours. After midnight, traditional taxis reach the tower in 20 minutes. Water-taxis outside the arrival hall reach any part of the city in 20 minutes, operating until the last flight. Alilaguna public launches take 70 minutes to reach Saint Mark's Square, stopping at Murano and Lido, with departures every hour from 4:45 a.m. to midnight.