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Visit St. Mark’s Bell Tower | Reach for the sky with Venice’s tallest viewpoint

St. Mark’s Bell Tower | Visitor information at a glance

  • How to get to the top of St. Mark’s Bell Tower?
    There are two ways to reach the top – you can either ascend the 323 steps or take the convenient elevator.
  • How much time does it take to explore St. Mark’s Bell Tower?
    You can take 15 minutes to half an hour to see the views at St. Mark’s Bell Tower.
  • Which tickets would enhance the St. Mark’s Bell Tower experience to the fullest?
    For the best experience, consider the Combo (Save 5%): St. Mark’s Basilica + St. Mark’s Bell Tower Tickets as they offer you access to the bell tower as well as St. Mark’s Basilica, thus helping you save money. If you’re at the Square just to see the tower, then you can opt for these tickets instead.

What are the bell tower's opening hours?

General timings: Every day from 9:30am to 9:15pm

Last access: 8:45pm

Note: The Bell Tower closes during adverse weather conditions like fog, strong winds, or extreme cold.

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What is the best time to visit St. Mark’s Bell Tower?

For the best experience, aim for sunset visits on weekdays, as there will be fewer crowds and you can have unobstructed views of Venice's beauty. Weekends, though bustling, are lively and festive, especially during evening hours, illuminated alongside the Basilica. 

April to November is peak season at St. Mark’s Bell Tower, but it’s also fun to be a part of the vibrant atmosphere. The square, where the tower is located, is filled with the energy of tourists and locals alike. However, if you like the quiet, you should definitely consider visiting during the off-peak months from November to March, when the weather is cooler and the crowds are thinner.

Where is St. Mark’s Bell Tower located?

Address: San Marco, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy

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Located at the center of St. Mark's Square in Venice, Italy, the Bell Tower of St. Mark's is a proud part of St. Mark's Basilica. It was initially built to help ships find their way.

How to get to St. Mark’s Bell Tower?

By public transportation

By ferry: From Rialto Bridge, walk 3 minutes to Rialto "B" jetty. Take Line 1 ferry to S. Marco-San Zaccaria "F" stop and then walk 380 meters. From Piazzale Roma, take water bus Line 1 or lines 51 & 2 directly to St. Mark's Square.

By train: Take a train from Mestre to Santa Lucia, the closest station to the bell tower. With about 173 daily trains available from both Trenitalia and Italo, you have options. Once you arrive, hop on a water bus to continue your journey through the city and reach the bell tower in Italy.

By car

You can conveniently reach Venice from nearby cities like Verona or Padua by taking the SR11 road to Piazzale Roma. After parking your vehicle there, continue your journey by water bus to St. Mark's Basilica. Another option is to park your car in Mestre or Marghera on the mainland and then take a bus or train to Venice, crossing via the Libertà bridge.


  • Autorimessa Comunale: Open 24/7, this parking is only 130 meters from San Marco tower.
  • Garage San Marco: Also open 24/7 and just 110 meters away.
  • Parcheggio S. Andrea AVM S.p.A.: This lot is 120 meters away. It's budget-friendly, especially for larger vehicles.

Know before you go to St. Mark’s Bell Tower

Stairs vs. Lift
  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • Parking
  • There are 2 ways to get to the top of the bell tower: You can either take the lift or climb the 323 steps. You can choose based on your needs, preferences and adventure style.
  • Taking the stairs offers a historical and physical experience. Reaching the top after a long climb feels fulfilling, especially when you're rewarded with stunning views. It's ideal if you appreciate challenges and history.
  • Using the lift is convenient and quick. It's ideal if you prefer saving energy, time or have mobility issues. You'll skip the stairs but still enjoy the lovely views from the observation deck.
  • Strollers are permitted inside the St. Mark’s Bell Tower. But it can get quite crowded at the top, so you may have to fold the stroller and carry your child once you’re up there.
  • Make sure you get some photos with the pigeons and also visit St. Mark’s Basilica. Don’t skip out on the adjacent Doge’s Palace with its famous Bridge of Sighs either.
  • To make the most of your time, consider pairing your bell tower visit with St. Mark’s Basilica or other nearby landmarks in the square. As the tower typically takes only 15 minutes to half an hour to explore, combining it with other attractions ensures a fulfilling experience.
  • Choose the elevator over the stairs for a smoother and more convenient experience.
  • Caffè Florian: Just 21 meters away, it's one of the world's oldest cafes, offering historic elegance and light refreshments.
  • Quadri: Right by the Bell Tower, Quadri offers fine dining with Venetian specialties and a terrace boasting views of St. Mark’s Square.
  • Gran Caffè Lavena: Established in 1750, this historic café, 999 meters away, is perfect for coffee, pastries, and people-watching.
  • Osteria Enoteca San Marco: Near St. Mark's Square, it serves authentic Venetian cuisine paired with a variety of wines.

Frequently asked questions about visiting St. Mark’s Bell Tower

Are there any special events happening at St. Mark’s Bell Tower that I can attend?

The tower doesn't hold special events due to its limited space and crowds at the top. However, St. Mark's Square, where the tower stands, is a hub of activity. Events like Massimo Ranieri and Pierre Cardin present Marco Polo are held there, making it a lively spot for live entertainment.

What else can I do in the neighborhood apart from seeing the tower?

The neighborhood is bustling with activity, especially St. Mark's Square. With its basilica, restaurants, shops, and landmarks like Doge’s Palace and the campanile bell tower, it's perfect for evening strolls. You'll often see locals enjoying the atmosphere, along with orchestras and pigeons adding to the charm.

Do I have to climb the steps to the top?

The tower now has an elevator, making it a hassle-free experience to get to the top.

Can I bring children to see the tower?

Certainly! They'll love the views from the top. Just remember, minors must always be accompanied by an adult for their own safety.

Where can I enjoy local delicacies near the bell tower?

You can check out Trattoria alla Madonna, known for preparing traditional Venetian dishes. It is just a minute away from the square, and offers Venice’s most popular local food such as  squid ink risotto and black cuttlefish soup.

Can I combine my St. Mark’s Bell Tower and St. Mark’s Basilica visit in one day?

Certainly! Both St. Mark’s Bell Tower and St. Mark’s Basilica are located in close proximity to each other within St. Mark’s Square, making it convenient to visit both attractions in one day. You can start your day by ascending the bell tower to enjoy views of Venice, then explore the intricate mosaics and architecture of the basilica.

Can I bring food inside the bell tower?

You can't bring outside food or drinks into the bell tower, but there are fantastic restaurants and cafes right in the square where you can indulge.

How much does it cost to enter the tower?

A standard ticket for tower access starts at €16. If you want to visit both the tower and St. Mark’s Basilica, prices start at €31.26 and increase from there based on whether you're looking for a timed entrance, audio guides etc.